Power outage after storm

Islamabad has always seen a lot of rainfall, especially in the annual monsoon season. However, storms here are getting more and more violent for some odd reason. I remember that a very long time ago, it was strange to see any part of the capital flooding more than once in a couple of years. Yet now, it has become a monthly, if not weekly, routine.

Last night’s thunderstorm submerged pretty much every road and though most of the water disappeared, some areas are still flooded. But more importantly, a disproportionally large number of trees have been damaged. I even saw fully grown pine trees that had been uprooted or at least bent to dangerous angles.

Worst of all, a number of areas in the capital are still without electricity. I have been up most of the night and am blogging using the power from a generator running on petrol (for almost 10 hours). My previous post was also made from the collocation because that was the only place that had power at the time.

The electricity guys attempted to restore the power a couple of times during the night, but each time, it went out with a bang within a few seconds. My guess is, trees have so badly damaged the lines that any restoration attempts are causing short circuits. And this is the capital of the country of 150 Million strong.

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  1. I have seen a similar thing in Tokyo, storms have gotten more violent. There are two reasons for this I believe, one is ofcourse global warming. The other is the heat island effect – a huge city is a big island of concrete which heats up the air over it creating its own weather, often leading to violent storms…

    Welcome to the 21st Century!

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