Orgoo consolidated email and instant messaging

It has been about a month since I started my new job, yet haven’t posted much about it. Since today is the first public demo of the service we are working on, it would be the right time to write something on it.

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Orgoo is your one-stop communication gateway that allows you to use email and instant messaging from a single web-based interface. It also enhances these two widely-used applications with video and voice and integrates all of this into one, user-friendly interface.

Orgoo service

I’m involved in designing the backend of the service and making sure it scales well, though pretty much every aspect of the project is really fascinating. This is one of the most interesting things I have done for quite a while and reminds me of the early days of Vanguard.

Though the service is not yet open to the public, I have been using it exclusively for the past month or so. Despite being a long-term user and fan of Gaim, I’m now quite content with sticking to Orgoo for all of my instant messaging which includes signing on to MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and now Orgoo Buddies. Video conferencing should also prove to be very useful once it sees more widespread use.

Orgoo has had mentions in a number of blogs and articles. Jehanara’s blog, In the Line of Wire just posted about Orgoo yesterday. Here is an article by Michael Arrington about Orgoo and it has even received a mention in the Wall Street Journal.

So when can you try it out for yourself? Orgoo is being featured in this year’s Tech Crunch 20 40 conference where we have a demo (in just over 3 hours from now). Once that is done, we’ll open up the service for beta testing though judging by the huge amount of interest, this beta launch will be no less challenging than running a live service.

Check out the service and wish us luck with it.

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  1. Interesting service. I feel like it’s been forever since I signed up for the beta. Yeah, there has been a lot of buzz, and if invitations are allowed to users, Orgoo will quickly fill up with thousands of users

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