Pakistan world leader in CNG cars

Tee Emm recently introduced us to and this article was of particular interest to me. I knew that Pakistan had the third biggest fleet of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) powered cars in the world (behind Brazil and Argentina). Now I know that it has the highest.

The statistics must have been collected very recently since this page of the International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles still lists Pakistan as number 2. But with few people willing to pay for Petrol and everyone wanting their very own car, this growth shouldn’t be surprising. Let’s hope we can also be some of the most active adopters of other energy sources like wind and the sun.

4 thoughts on “Pakistan world leader in CNG cars

  1. Solar energy can also do great for Pakistanis but it will take time to build up the technology. Now its the era of CNG and that is really appreciable if you want to save money.

  2. WE are lucky to have sufFicient natural gas resources at our country. as far as the matter of CNG is concrened, i belive increase in wheels production & consumption ultimatly led to bust up the usage of CNG 😉

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