End world hunger through Free Rice

When I first read about it, chain letters came to my mind. Like Free Rice the one about Bill Gates donating his wealth as a result of you circulating the blasted email to as many people as possible. Or a Nigerian scam that centers around someone wishing to donate their life savings to a charitable cause. However, the Free Rice project appears to be authentic and has some credible names behind it.

The concept is simple. Just visit the site and take their vocabulary quiz. For every correct answer (and mind you, it can be a tough test) the project will donate 10 grains of rice to help end world hunger. Feed the world while improving your vocabulary.

I’m not too sure how the project would sustain itself in the long run though. Currently, it is just a simple quiz which many would grow tired of quickly. And for some reason, the advertising method doesn’t look too feasible. However, they must be doing something right if they have crossed the 1 billion grains of rice mark.

It’s no doubt a wonderful initiative and the idea could be put to use in many other areas. Why not setup similar infotainment sites with advertising as the primary means of income? The proceeds can all be donated towards a good cause and since it would be both fun and noble, people will come.

6 thoughts on “End world hunger through Free Rice

  1. Well, I guess i will take part. After all its a win-win situation. My vocabulary will improve and rice will be donated to the poor! 🙂

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