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Kite power

Alternative energy is something I check up on every once in a while and something I have a keen interest in. However, the usual talk just focuses on what could be built or achieved in the near future. I’ll share two articles that describe some cool projects already underway and which should see the light of day very soon.

The first is this one about a kite-powered freight ship that utilizes wind power in a novel way to cut down on its fuel consumption. Apparently, the wind at higher altitudes contains much more energy than that at sea level so this should provide enough power to pull a large freighter. From the article:

A kite the size of a football field will provide most of the power for a German heavy freight ship set to launch in December.

I wonder why something like this wasn’t attempted in the days of yore when sailing ships were the primary means of sea transport.

The second is about a Maglev wind turbine the construction of which is already underway in central China. These turbines use permanent magnets that levitate the structure, replacing the ball bearings that conventional wind turbines use and which require periodic replacement.

Maglev turbine

These turbines are many times more efficient than the standard offerings, last much longer and require a much smaller area to operate. They look like something out of a sci-fi movie and I’d love to see one in action.

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