Tragedies before the holidays

Just as we get ready to celebrate the Eid festival, two tragedies have occurred that will scar us and the whole country. The renowned artist, Gulgee, was found murdered along with his wife and maid at their Karachi home.

No doubt a great loss for us all. I am forced to wonder why it is the best people in this country that always fall victim to such crimes. What harm could have been done by a great painter like Gulgee, or a philanthropist and scholar like Hakim Saeed, that they should be murdered in cold blood?

Not too far from Karachi, a train wreck has claimed the lives of dozens of people. The final death toll will probably end up being at around 100 which in turn means that many more will spend the occasion in mourning instead of celebrating with everyone else.

It is sad that despite all our advances, such tragedies continue to strike without those responsible brought to justice. Must we see all our talent flee to safer shores? Can’t we ever feel safe from such threats?