Darkest material created

Saw this a couple of days ago. Scientists have created the darkest material ever seen (or unseen) out of carbon nanotubes. This material is the closest thing so far to “perfect black” which would absorb all types of light, at every angle.

Black vs new black

On the left is the previous measurement of blackness. And on the right, is the new champ.

Anything covered in this material would appear as a uniform black “hole” in front of us as no light would be reflected back to show it’s shape and contour. The Ninjas can finally rejoice.

Apart from the industrial applications, it would be a really cool thing to have in a theme park or even the corridor of your house. Imagine walking into a place with walls coated with this material. It would be akin to floating in an endless void or a dark tunnel. Anybody know where to get it?

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5 thoughts on “Darkest material created

  1. You can forget about driving it at night. Even in the day, others may drive into it thinking it’s a tunnel of some sort. Like I said, think Ninjas.

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