Pakistan broadband free fall

Speed Per Month Volume Per Month Monthly Fees
512 Kbps UnLimited Rs.1200
1 Mbps UnLimited Rs.2000
2 Mbps UnLimited Rs.3900

All this price cutting is great for the consumers. Unfortunately, this has caused a quite visible drop in quality. All these new packages are shared so you’re unlikely to ever get the full advertised bandwidth. I’m currently using Wateen’s WiMAX connection at home. It is probably the least reliable of any of the services currently available so I must find a copper-based alternative.

As tempting as these shared packages sound, I think I would rather opt for a slower, but more reliable connection. Micronet’s DSL or Nayatel’s fiber have usually led the market, both in terms of performance and price, though their response to the latest onslaught is yet to be seen. Could be just what I need.

27 thoughts on “Pakistan broadband free fall

  1. what problems are you facing with linkdotnet ?

    I heard its better then PTCL as PTCL customer service sucks

  2. wow dont worry guys pakistan soon will improve n yea btw i am in usa n over here i have internet speed of 10 MBPS yea thats 10,000 kbps lolz n is for like 40 dollars n 1 dollar equals to about 55 or 60 rupees

  3. I had a very poor experience of Link Dot Net’s DSL connection. Currently they are suffering by “internet disconnection issues”. The connection session automatically expires after every two minutes. So after reading comments about Wateen telecom, I will switch to Wateen telecom. I hope they will provide high speed with no disconnection issues that Link Dot Net has.

    Anyways, I have written a blog post where I have shared my thoughts about poor services by Link Dot Net. You can read this blog at

    Thanks for your attention.

  4. Yeah LinkdotNet is rocking. Its Customer Services is cool. Guys at helpdesk knows to talk. PTCL is a bunch of idiots and they dont even talk to you properly but thanks God someone on pakistan atleast do follow international standards if not completly than atleast they try to do something.

  5. Using PTCL 512Kbps for the past four months. No cause for complaints, works fast and flawlessly.

  6. Micronet rocks the best support and awesome customer servcies with unmatched VAS like gaming, backup dilup, online payment etc.

    Nayatel although is a bit on higher side due to its ONT first time cost but it is really the most converged service available yet in Pakistan.

  7. PTCL seems best to me

    Always Get Full Speed as specified in the Package
    I am using 2 MB Connection & always got 205 KB/sec .

    in Home 512 K

    All works Gr8

    But Prices are still high then other Developed Countries
    Prices are even higher than INDIA

  8. HI,

    ihad some bad erperiance with PTCL and wateen thats why shifted to LDN.LInkdotNet really a company and understand cutmer’s needs and wants.

  9. Sir i get ptcl wirless zte, but i am not satisfy it. in fact i get it that i will download vedio and other things but it speed is 115.2. i get it very difficulties due to financial problems but sir tell me how i can increase it speed.

  10. yar using ptcl for past four months.It sucks every time whenever i go to use internet. Got fedup from their pathic customer service. Every time when i call for complain they said we are wrking on it and will resolve soon. i am going to change from ptl to link dot net should i?


  11. i am using ptcl broadband 512 but all the time show me download speed only 58kbps before using ptcl i was using wateen 1mbps wateen really hight speed always show me download speed as 124kbps or greater than but wateen provide me limited downloading that’s why now i use ptcl any one tell me 58kbps is ok or not in 512k speed broadband.

  12. Hi,
    I m using PTCL 512kbps package and i am having downloading speed which is just 30kbps,so can anyone tell me is this enough????

  13. PTCL 512kbps is not actual speed. this is very low upto 250 and 350. you may check your internet connection speed on below mentioned sites.
    write “dsl speed test” in google and find the reality.

  14. Friends,
    Want to share my experiences regarding DSL/Wimax services.i was user of Wateen and PTCL too but did not get any quality services specially their after sale services and customer services is very disoppinted for me.then i decided to shift on LINKdotNET and again took a risk,but as compare to other’s LDN is almost best.

    2 MB in Rs.3900/- this rate is comapritively better then other ISP’s.

    Please share your’s Experiences with LINKdotNET So we will be able to solve the issue’s if any.

  15. I am using ptcl 512 kb broadband and my download speed always start from 250 kb/s and decreases to upto 70 to 100 kb/s iam very much satisfied with it and i can say that no other isp could give as good service as ptcl.

  16. i am using ptcl 1Mbps package but i get only 55 kbps download speed…. i have complaint more than 100 time during 10 months but non of them solved my problem does any know another way of complaint …..

  17. Hi Friend,my advise is for LDN,although i am using 512k without any problem.further more i am also using LDN great Service of “SMS4NET”WOL Dialup Service, in case i am out of city to check my e-mail etc for this iam used to send an SMS to 965 from my Warid and Mobilink (Prepaid and PostPaid Connections)…

    i got the details from LDN

  18. i am using ptcl broad 1mbps but my downloading speed is45 to 55kbps i dont know where is 1 mbps speed ptcl realy basterd like every pakistani company iam felling shame on my country and peoples they working these company,sorry my friends.

  19. Hi Friend,my sympathies are with you ,after all i am the x user of PTCL .i dont know why companies are not improving itself and they just need money nothing else.thats why i installed LINKdotNET connection and getting sound speed and specially courtiest and timely customer services atleast.

  20. Hi Guys I m posting here first time I want to share that I m using PTCL 1mb which speed never Increase from 110kb/sec can anyOne guide how to Increase speed to maximum?

  21. Hi Guys I m posting here first time I want to share that I m using PTCL 1mb which speed never Increase from 110kb/sec can anyOne guide how to Increase speed to maximum?

  22. salam, i had link dot net previously a 2mb connection with 80 kbps download. i called their customer services they do send their tech guys but they say we cant do anything you can switch to any other ISP. so i left linkdotnet and opted for ptcl dsl now i am having 2 connections of ptcl dsl with smart tv as well, 1 a 2mb connection with 120 download speed2 a 1mb connection with 440 kbps download speedPTCL CUSTOMER SERVICE REALLY SUCKS

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