The dots in a Gmail address

A lot of people probably already know this, but I just found out. We often mix up email addresses just because they do or do not have a dot (.) in them. For example, I might have, but people will often email me at which normally would fail.

It seems that Google had the foresight to take care of this when they launched GMail. Both of the above addresses would be treated as a single one with GMail so you can put a dot anywhere in the “localpart” area and it would still work.

A small, but useful detail.

2 thoughts on “The dots in a Gmail address

  1. Not just that dot can put put in or removed at will, you can use a ‘+’ sign to your actual address for filtering later on.

    When I give my gmail address to a site I suspect can spam me later, I put it as and a filter at my gmail puts them neatly in a separate label and archived so my inbox remains clean.

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