Pakistan emerges a market winner

Haven’t had any time to blog lately, but this was just too good to pass up on. There was a lot I wanted to write about all the bad things that have taken place recently, but maybe it’s a good thing I couldn’t. Here is an interesting article on Gulfnews that describes the emergence of Pakistan as a market winner. From the article:

Pakistan is firmly bucking the trend. This year, the Karachi Stock Exchange 100 has gained 7.4 per cent, making it the best performer among major emerging markets indexes….

The articles talks about more than just the stock market performance. And this growth isn’t a recent phenomenon either. We’ve been seeing it for at least the last 5 years, through troubled and better times.

Most people usually point out everything that is wrong with this country. To me, the best thing is that we keep seeing so many positive achievements, despite all the negatives. Imagine where we would be if we took care of even some of the problems.