Home built Wind Turbine and Solar Panel

With no end in sight to the severe power shortage across the country, I was thinking about what could be done to make the darker hours easier. With the cost of generators touching the sky (not to mention the maintenance hassles, noise and air pollution and the all-time high fuel costs), other forms of energy look very attractive.

Wind turbine

This HOWTO on building your own Wind Turbine was an interesting read and could be useful if you live in a windy area and can get your hands on a few good DC motors (or a full-fledged generator).

It just came to me that we may even be able to use one of those used kabuli car generators for this. They are readily available with most car mechanics and should be a lot cheaper than a commercial generator, though I’m unaware of their actual efficiency.

The same person also constructed a cheap solar panel system though it may be quite difficult to make use of it on a bigger scale.

I wish I had the time to thoroughly study and try out something like this. Maybe an enterprising Pakistani could take this up as a project and open up a lucrative business after ironing out the kinks.

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  1. Generating the electricity is one problem but storing it again is another. You’d have to charge up batteries for night time use or use it to pump water for later discharge though a water wheel. You could also use the electricity to electrolyze the water to get hydrogen and oxygen gas, but that could get dangerous…

  2. The local-made UPSs I’m using provide a couple of hours of backup at a “relatively” low price. That’s because they use very large truck batteries which aren’t that expensive.

    Whatever the storage mechanism, the main challenge is making sure the current flows smoothly. We’ve often had to deal with burnt circuits and other reliability issues.

  3. Dear Mr. Sajjad,

    You have done a good job. This is a very interesting Blog.

    Well, I with a small team of professionals developing a small (cheap) wind turbine (not exactly as shown above) with everything from local market.

    We are very confident that we would be successful in the trial run (basic model 400W and advance model 1000) by August/Sept.2008.

    Our testing of Blades is complete and the results were excellent.

    Thanking you and hope this Blog will soon become the #1 Blog.

  4. Assalam-o-Aleikum, I am an Engineer. Nice to know that my brothers are also working on such things. What I would like to know is that are you using car generators/alternator for 1kW or DC Motor..

  5. Best of luck Akbar. Hope you come up with a successful solution.

    Sannan, a DC motor would be a good option, though I’m currently looking for a used car generator in good condition. That should be very efficient.

  6. Hi.Very intersting. I talk about a great DIY guide on my site that is very szuited for those who are not very technically adept. It may be of interest.

  7. Hi, it is a nice blog to share about alternative energy resources, can you guide me to generate electricity with car generator?


  8. hahah how fortunate..i was looking for exactly this page u pasted…i had read it earlier some 9 months ago..and lost it…thanks a lot…
    here in karachi…im looking for a car generator to begin with.. insha allah..will upgrade to big generator once this gets running…

    thanks sajjad..btw suddenly i notice too many zaidis around :D!

  9. Well it would be help full if some one told what is needed to make a wind mill and explain how each par works

  10. I realy appreciate your work .If you dont mind we want to need you guide us and alo instuments for solar and wind how and from where in hyderabade we get . are they are available in karachi. plz respons . my relatives and friends those are sufferd from lodshading if they want your services are you will available for that. because your solar and wind system is really appreciateable .If you want my contect number i will send you but after your permision.

  11. All steps of the home made wind turbine can be seen at utube. Its very easy and interseting.

  12. Hi everyone, it is interesting to read such a good blog, alternate energy alway attracts, I wonder if any one hear abt HHO gas or browing gas, runing car on water, I am after it, its my project since last 3 months, if anyone else is doing wht i am doing plz contact me, at asadullah@adgroup.com.pk or asadullah786@gmail.com…….

  13. hi guys, i have some questions:how is it possible generate 1 or 2Kilo Watt of energy from a DC motor which can only generate 12 or 24 volts & 2 or 3 amperes (P = V x I) (72Watt = 24V x 3I)?can i use a car alternator or DC motor is a good idea any suggestions?where i can find good DC motors in Karachi?Your help will be much appreciated.thanks in advanceSafdar Hussain

  14. Combine the wind turbine and solar panel is good plan for home. This plan will increase the efficiency of solar power and wind power. Especially in the sunshine area.

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