Firefox 3 download day

Today is the day Firefox 3 is released and a campaign is underway to set a new record for the most downloaded software. So far it has managed about 1.7 million downloads.

Download Day - English

Though I may not be switching over completely yet, it looks a lot better and I’m hoping it’ll solve some of the stability and memory issues of previous versions.

I’ll try to post a detailed review of it after I’ve used it a little more. For now, download and be counted.

4 thoughts on “Firefox 3 download day

  1. I was among the 8.7 million that downloaded it as well… although I confess the Download Day scheme seems an odd ploy to encourage early adoption.

    I am not a complete Firefox fan, but its extensibility makes it indispensable.

  2. I still hate firefox and until firebug becomes compatible again, this is a total waste for me… IE rules : P~

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