Pakistani art frenzy

Pakistani art

Looking at the news headlines (using Viigo) for the past couple of days, I was relieved not to find anything about Pakistan since there has hardly been any good news the last couple of months.

It was a pleasant surprise to open the news item titled “art frenzy” and end up staring at an article about Pakistani art and how the demand has skyrocketed lately.

Pakistan’s art market has gone crazy over the past year, with prices multiplying 10 to 20 times over.

This increased interest (or trend) and all the exposure is quite a jump from the old days when Islamic calligraphy and some forms of classical music were the few art forms to be found, tolerated and appreciated. These days, there’s so much more happening. Like the well-performed plays which I’m glad haven’t fallen victim to the doom and gloom now rampant in other walks of life.

Most of my family members seem to have inherited some artistic traits. Smokin Skull My dad used to paint for a hobby a long time ago (maybe I can help him start again) and my aunt still comes up with some beautiful stuff.

My brother even took up design as his career and has created a few cool things (this skull I blogged about a long time ago was painted a long time ago by him). I used to do some nice sketches as well until the bits and bytes invaded and fully consumed me. Now I’m challenged, even to come up with a good website design.

Hopefully the trend of rewarding artists will continue and allow more talented people to take it up, either as a hobby or as a career. Now should get ready for tonight’s rock concert.


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