Dubai Ziggurat to house 1 million people

Dubai Ziggurat

This is one mega-structure that I would love to see completed. Dubai is planning a pyramid-shaped building that will house a million people while having a minimal carbon footprint.

Living in a massive single structure may sound claustrophobic, but various experimental techniques have succeeded in creating an environment that can house lots of people while providing a sense of harmony. I’m certain that such techniques will be used here as well and it won’t be just a monolith built to trap it’s dwellers.

Looking at the scale of the project, it seems like a far-fetched idea that will require a huge amount of money, material and manpower. Though Dubai has undertaken a number of other ambitious projects, it has also been criticized for its failures.


2 thoughts on “Dubai Ziggurat to house 1 million people

  1. Very interesting. Dubai has been on quite a developmental progress for the past few years. In fact, this is being continued throughout the Middle Eastern countries with Kuwait coming up with Burj Al-Kabir that would stand at least 1000m tall when it is completed.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. The infrastructure still don’t look good.. I would like to see some green transport methods, like maglev-trains out of that huge piece of a living-machine.
    But at least They’re thinking about the environment and there is still people who lives in tighter spaces than that(so maybe this would have been a good idea for some countries) =)

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