Juicy mosquitoes in October


October is on its last breaths. Halloween is near. And things are peaceful and quiet for once. Yet the mosquito is still happily feasting on its helpless victims. In fact, these parasites are fatter and meaner than ever.

How utterly disgusting it is to squish one and be smeared with drops of your own precious blood. Some of these ‘quitos are so bloated that there is a loud pop every time they get fried by those mosquito lamps with the eerie blue light. The thought of my blood being Dragonfly incinerated like that is quite disturbing, but then again there is some satisfaction in knowing your enemy just lost another one of its soldiers, that too without getting your hands dirty.

This may be a global phenomenon. I noticed that even some of my friends as far north as Japan are complaining. So why are these pests on an extended blood-drinking spree this year? Global warming perhaps? Or maybe they have developed immunity to cooler climes? Are they aliens that have replaced the weaker species? Who knows.

There could be a shortage of dragon flies, the natural predator of mosquitoes. It’s been a while since I saw them out in the wild so maybe someone in the government should consider importing and breeding these cool-looking insects. The officials could get their kickbacks, we get to keep our blood, sleep better and stay safe from all the diseases carried by the ‘quitos. Sounds good, no?

2 thoughts on “Juicy mosquitoes in October

  1. interesting to see your post. For the last 4 years at least Ive noticed a sudden surge in mosquito activity in Oct. Maybe I’d just been lucky enough to have lived in a better sealed home til that point, but in the recent past I, and a number of my freinds have been under seige. 3 years ago i was in Astoria NY when waking up late at night to buzzing in my ear and welts on my body was such a common occurence that i took to spraying myself with insect repellent before going to sleep. Then I moved up to Harlem, and the attacks continued. Freinds of mine throughout NYC in multiple boroughs have complained of late night attacks recently, and just the other night in Brooklyn I awoke to multiple bite attacks.
    I must admit I take great satisfaction in tracking the bloodsuckers down. Im not all that violent a person, but Ive discovered that a mosquito takes no quarter and asks no quarter be given. If i let them live they come back and slowly drain me.
    which is unnaceptable

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