Winters, darkness and peanuts

Winter has been late in the making this year. November has started, yet it’s hot enough to go out in a t-shirt during the day. The nights are still slightly warm and it is only cold for a few hours sometime in the morning. As I wrote in my last post, mosquitoes are still rejoicing at the warmer turn of events.

There were two signs today that signified how late in the year it is. One was the arrival of a bag of fresh roasted peanuts that are usually enjoyed in the midst of the November cold. That’s one messy snack that I’d prefer to eat shelled and out of the bag.

Second, we gained an hour last night after switching back from daylight savings time. It was already dark at 6pm PKT and we can forget about leaving office on time to go and do some hiking or play football. I’ll gladly support permanently switching to all year around DST, or even moving to UTC.

On the bright side, now there’s more time that I can spend online from my basement and maybe be more productive. Best of all, power outages have reduced (there goes the business opportunity I had to push solar) which should also translate into more productivity and less time sitting around cursing the power companies.

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