Obama wins US presidency

Barack Hussein Obama

The first message I received this morning was a Ufone breaking news alert stating that Barack Hussein Obama had won the US presidential elections. What happens in the United States has quite a significant impact in Pakistan so Pakistanis have been following the elections closely.

During the election campaigns, a lot has been said about Pakistan and the Muslim world by the main candidates and some of it has been viewed as offensive and threatening. However, coming from a future US president, it seemed comparatively quite sensible.

An African American winning the most influential office is a historic moment for everyone. Obama’s message of hope and change is a positive one and I hope this event marks an end to aggression, instability and mistakes of the past.

5 thoughts on “Obama wins US presidency

  1. When missiles are falling every now and then, everyone would like to know, who rules next.
    mixed hopes and fears are there, but i am sure a president representing a community that is regraded as a minority and has gained their respect in ages might be a good prospect to change the outlook of the last decade of disasters

  2. That depends on how much he follows through on his message of change. He believes in engaging his opponents in every way before resorting to force and so far, has been a man of his word. I’m positive the new regime will be a good thing for us.

  3. I hope the election of Obama helps to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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    Alexandria, Virginia

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