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Last night’s meetup of Islamabad bloggers went splendidly well. I really wasn’t expecting such a large turnout for a blogging event in Islamabad and it was great to see so many bloggers and people interested in blogging. There must have been at least 70-80 people attending the event which is a pretty impressive number for something that hasn’t quite reached the mainstream Pakistani public yet.

A pleasant surprise was finding out that one of my former employers is also an avid blogger and another, who was once quite critical of my blogging, actually forwarded me the invite and accompanied me there. I finally got to meet Mansoor (of Word of Mansoor fame) as well as a number of other people that so far, I have only known online.

My worn-out laptop isn’t too happy to be away from my home or office for long so I hadn’t planned on doing any live blogging, but there were others who had. The All Rounder has an excellent live coverage of the event. Here’s a Slide show, courtesy of Abdul Wahid, and also a few more write-ups at Pro Pakistan and Future BElls.

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We have Badar, Bahria Uni and the rest to thank for organizing and hosting the event (and to Red Bull for the free supply of drinks). Though the focus of this particular meetup was earning money through blogging and Google Adsense, I think there should be more such events for those that do it as a passion. After all, you are more likely to succeed in getting traffic and readers if your motive is more than simply to make money.

The most successful bloggers usually do it because they love it and that’s the mindset we should be aiming to cultivate. I hope we can get together on a more regular basis, in a less formal atmosphere, and develop a closely-knit community of bloggers. Let’s plan one for January.

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