Hope and 2009

2008 ends and 2009 begins. 2008 hasn’t been the stable and prosperous year I had hoped for, but what can be done besides hoping for a better future. It is hope that keeps telling me that 2009 can’t get any worse than 2008 was.

The biggest tragedies to scar my year included President Musharraf’s removal, our new prez unelect, the Marriott hotel bombing in Islamabad, Israel’s ongoing campaign of terror in Gaza, and a couple of personal ones.

Right now, the only positive events of 2008 that I can recall and think are worth mentioning are Obama’s victory in the US presidential elections and the successful implementation of daylight savings time in Pakistan.

2009 is starting off pretty tough, with the global financial crisis still as troubling as ever and chances of outright war (in various parts of the world) increasing. However, there is hope. If we can survive through these troubling times (and I’m hopeful that we will), within a year, the world will be a far better place. Hope to see you all in a better future.

4 thoughts on “Hope and 2009

  1. I, for one, cannot remember if Pakistan was ever in such bad shape – be it economy, sports, world politics. 2008 really was rock-bottom, and I hope things get better from here on in.

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