Suicide bombing at Rescue 15 compound

There has just been a suicide attack on a police emergency station, right in the heart of Islamabad. The terrorist climbed over the fence of the Rescue 15 compound near Zero Point and opened fire on the security personnel inside. Upon retaliatory fire, he blew himself up, killing two policemen in the process and injuring several others.

I’ve always wondered What could drive someone to harm another human being, especially someone you don’t even know and who is only doing their job. Forget about humans, what gives you the right to hurt any living thing?

It’s an unforgivable crime when you kill others. Even worse when you take your own life in the process. But to do it in the name of religion? Especially a religion that preaches peace and tolerance? And to people who follow the same one as you claim to follow? I don’t know what to say.

So what next? Do we just keep putting up with this? Isn’t there anything that can be done about it? How about accepting some serious security measures? And I don’t mean randomly placed road blocks.

Scan everything that gets in and out. Start treating the capital like an airport or a foreign country and gradually expand the security circle to include other areas. It might sound extreme and inconvenience us a little, but isn’t it worth saving a lot of lives and achieving lasting peace?

2 thoughts on “Suicide bombing at Rescue 15 compound

  1. Agreed. The security in and around Islamabad sucks. More often then not i see policemen just idling about rather then keeping a stern eye on the cars sheeesh!

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