Discussion on Pakistani Superheroes

This was a serious status update that I recently made on Facebook about what the Pakistani lawyer movement had turned into. Hilarity soon ensued and it became a discussion of what a Pakistani Superhero should be like. You can read it here:

  • Me:
    Lawyers fighting each other like kids and turning into a rowdy mob. These are the people who’ll give us justice?
  • Arsalan:
    Dude let’s make a comic character. Pakistan’s first super hero(one that’s not related to an antibacterial soap)
    You know like captain america! I smell money X D
  • Arsalan:
    No wait that was just a fly caught in my nose
  • Me:
    Hmm, that’s a great idea, one you’ll now regret. 😉
    I’m going to base Pakwoman on you. A female superhero disguised as a bearded engineer.
    Weakness: flies and pants
  • Arsalan:
    turn ons… women and food : P~
  • Me:
    So a geeky, overweight lesbian, allergic to flies? On second thought, maybe a Pakistani superhero isn’t such a bright idea.
  • Arsalan:
    we could give her a cape?
  • Me:
    She’ll just make a burqa out of it so what’s the use?

So, any sketch artists want to help us out here? We just may be able to find a person matching this profile. Just imagine where we’d be if Pakwoman was real.

2 thoughts on “Discussion on Pakistani Superheroes

  1. I told u sunny boy dats not a grt idea! hmmm actually i ve a bit different image ov dis superhero in ma mind, so don know sketchin but can help xplain it 2 sketcher

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