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Zaeem introduced me to DNS views recently and I’m suddenly in love with the concept and have loads of ideas for making use of it. The basic idea is that you return different DNS results depending on certain criteria, such as the source network or IP address. As an example, this allows you to direct people to different websites or servers, depending on where they are coming from.

The way I plan to use it is to have my US server, which has better bandwidth and is closer to the rest of the world, be the main server for everyone, while my server here in Pakistan will serve requests for those visiting from within Pakistan. That should make things faster for everybody, in addition to providing a backup in case one site is down.

It should also help in the unfortunate (and unlikely, for now) event that the authorities decide to block my websites. Thank you Zaeem.

7 thoughts on “DNS Views

  1. Zaeem, again, it’s my preference. Distro wars are as useless as arguing which car is the best. Everyone has their own preferences and you can’t force someone to go with yours.

  2. I have thought about synchronization and files shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll just run rsync periodically to sync all templates and other such files.

    For sites that store content in a single database, I guess I’ll use one database for both and hope no locking issues arise. That’ll also mean that the mirror accessing the db remotely will be slower. Anyway, it’s a cool thing to test out even if I’m not successfull at it.

  3. well guyz don kno much about the TECHNOLOGY see iam a finance guy but i have learnt “ZAEEM” my cousin was useful in some way !!!! great I AM HAPPY 🙂

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