Today is 8th of August, 2008, or 08.08.08 for short. Many people aren’t familiar with the significance of this figure, but eight (8) is auspicious for the Chinese and is associated with wealth and prosperity. 888 is considered extremely lucky and it is why a number of events are set to coincide with this date.

The biggest event has to be the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. People are scheduling their weddings on this day and I’m sure many would have tried to arrange the births of their children on this very day. Happy birthday to my friend Shahzad. Dude, you should have been in China right now instead of in Lahore.

On this day, the third installment of the “Mummy” movie franchise, The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, is being released around the world. Fortunately, this includes Pakistan and having a fascination with Chinese history (will try not to be too disappointed by the inaccuracies or exaggerations), I hope to catch it at the CinePax tonight.

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