In Karachi for ITCN Asia

Hopped on a flight to Karachi on Sunday and will be attending this years ITCN Asia, the biggest annual technology event in Pakistan. This will be my first time attending ITCN so am not sure how it will compare to such events held in other countries. There is an interesting lineup of speakers at the conferences which I can’t afford to miss and I know of some cool new products and services being launched here.

I dropped by the Expo Center last night where my friend was overseeing the setup of his company’s booth and even unfinished, the Expo looked no less grander than the Linux World or IT Expos I’ve been to in Tokyo and London. It should also be a chance to meet some of Pakistan’s leading gurus in this field. Hope to see a lot of you there.

You can look forward to some interesting updates on the event that I’ll post right here in the next 3 days.

4 thoughts on “In Karachi for ITCN Asia

  1. Thanks for the heads up Adnan, but I was expecting it to be more of a commercial event. Such events usually are. Still, it’s good to meet up with people.

    AWahid, I’m just attending the event unofficially, though talking a bit about Orgoo as well.

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